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Learn more about Besiter products, and know how to use it or need sometechnical support help, Please kindly review the on-line FAQ below.

  • ● Why the standby hour of the battery would decrease?
    Battery, as a chemical material has a certain tinherent life span. With the increase of use, the internal chemical activity will be gradually reduced and thus the battery capacity. When the battery life ends, the battery hour would be shortened even if it is fully charged, we suggest replacing the battery at that time.
  • ● Why the battery hours would be shortened when travelling to some cold countries?
    Typically, in the low temperature environment, the battery\'s internal chemical substance activity will be reduced, impedance of the internal chemical would be increased, resulting in a decreasing discharge capacity of the battery. You are suggested to reduce the exposure of battery in the cold environment. Also, be reminded that never bake or heat battery or it would cause security issue. Battery performtance degradation caused by the low temperature would return normal once back to room temperature.
  • ● For those regularly used battery, why does power down suddenly happen?
    The power down happens usually due to poor contact between the terminals of the battery and the smartphones. You could check whether the terminal has expanded, if it does please use a soft cloth to clean it. You could also adjust the terminal to ensure that the connections are tight.
  • ● How Power Bank should be kept?
    a. We recommend when the battery is not used for long, please take out the battery and discharge the battery to half capacity. Furthermore, the non-used battery should be kept in a dry and room temperature environment. The attached PVC protective holder could also provide extra protection to the battery.
    b. For the non-used battery, we suggest recharging the battery to half capacity every three months so as to maintain best performance of the battery. 
  • ● Why is it unable to check the remaining power of Besiter power bank?
    Besiter power bank has no power and please recharge Besiter.
  • ● Why Besiter power bank could not fully charge other devices?
    Besiter battery is used up, please recharge Besiter battery.
  • ● Besiter power bank has batteries left, it would suddenly stop working and could not display batterie
    Short circuit or excessive load might happen, resulting in activation of self-protection. Please remove the external devices and recharge Besiter battery.
  • ● Why not attach a power adapter in the package of the power bank?
    Most of customers\' mobile phones or mobile devices provide a power adapter which can match our power bank. Thus, we try our best to offer you a cost-effective charging solution.
  • ● How can I check the remaining power of power bank?
    Most power banks have a built-in four LED lights indicator. After recharging mobile devices, please check how many LED lights illuminate to know the remaining power.
  • ● How can I know the power bank is fully charged?
    Most power banks have a built-in four LED lights indicator. The orange LED light sparks once the power is connected and all four LED lights stay on when the battery is fully charged.
  • ● How many smartphones or mobile devices can be charged at the same time?
    It depends on different product models and how many outputs the power bank has.
  • ● Can power bank charge itself and recharge other mobile devices at the same time?
    Yes, most of our power banks can be charged and charge other mobile devices at the same time. It varies with different product models and depends on how many outputs the power bank has.
  • ● How long should Besiter power bank charge for the first use?
    Please charge Besiter batteries for around three to eight hours (actual time depending on the battery category and the battery capacity), you could then test whether the battery is full with your smartphones or camera equipment.
  • ● How to maintain the battery?
    We recommend: Please charge its power to over 30% of capacity if you\'re not going to use it for a long time. We suggest you keep it at -10-40 ℃ in a dry environment so as to maintain the battery best performance. Please don\'t use up all power. It will present pre-charging status in the next self-charging if you use up all power, and the charging time would require 2 or 3 hours more. So in this case, the self-charging time slows down, and even the service life of battery may be shortened.
  • ● How to charge for a mobile device?
    Use a micro USB cable provided by Besiter to charge. Connect one end of USB cable to the USB port of your laptop or to the power adapter of your mobile phone. Next, plug the other end to your power bank, and press the on-off key. The LED light of power bank will spark, which means it is being charged. What components are attached to a power bank? It depends on the product model. Every power bank at least comes along with an instruction guiding you how to use it and a micro USB cable which helps connect your mobile device to a power bank. We suggest you refer to product instruction before buying it.
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